Credit: Photo: Darren Criss in Tight Black Leather Pants at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto on June 17, 2012

No offense to Harry Shum Jr. — or his ridiculously chiseled abs but the man behind Mike Chang isn’t the only Situ-Asian on the Glee cast.

Technically, Darren Criss (Blaine) and his abs could lay claim to the title, as well. The Glee star is half Filipino, on his mother’s side, and half Irish, on his dad’s.

During a trip to the Philippines in December, Darren told Zeibiz, “My mom is Cebuano, she’s Spanish, Chinese. My father is very, very white. I’m not like full Filipino but definitely I have many parts of me that are. My family’s Filipino. My family’s in the Philippines. It’s our culture and heritage that I’ve always been proud of, simply because it’s such a cool place. And my friends who are Filipinos are the coolest.”

Credit: Chuck Criss on Twitter Photo: Darren Criss and his Brother, Chuck Criss of the Freelance Whales, Hang Out Before Coachella on April 15, 2011

There you have it. Glee’s Darren Criss is 50% Filipino, 50% Irish... and 100% smokin’ hot.

Source: Zeibiz

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