Credit: Mel Melancon on Twitter Photo: New Glee Star Nolan Gerard Funk, Who Plays Warbler Hunter in Glee Season 4

Nolan Gerard Funk (Hunter) has yet to show his pretty face as the new Warbler on Glee, and already we are dying to see what he looks like on the big screen. But while we’re lying in wait for him to open his purty mouth and sing, there’s a trailer you should check out.

The clip features a shirtless Nolan and someone else you might recognize — Lindsay Lohan. LiLo and Nolan both take their clothes off in the new movie The Canyons, which is currently in post-production.

The movie was written by Bret Easton Ellis, who penned American Psycho, and the trailer makes it look like a mid-century melodrama-cum-thriller. Shot in Los Angeles, the film also co-stars famous director Gus Van Sant, and porn star James Deen.

Sounds like no matter how evil he might be on Glee, he’s got the not-so-wholesome thing down pat.

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Nolan Gerard Funk in the Trailer for The Canyons (VIDEO)