Remember how excited you got when you heard Javier Bardem was going to appear on an episode of Glee this season? Well, as though he's been left by the wayside. Though it's not his fault — he swears!

"I want to do it. I want to do it," the Academy Award winner said to E! Online. "I told Ryan several times I want to play this heavy metal rock 'n' roll star, but I don't think he has the guts to do it. No, of course he does — because I sing really bad. I think that's the whole point."

The original pitch had Bardem teaming up with Artie.

"We had a blast figuring out what I could be…but I haven't received any script," Bardem said. "So when am I appearing on Glee? I don't know." We know Ryan Murphy is busy and all, but perhaps he can get on this sooner rather than later?

Source: E!