Credit: Dianna Agron on Twitter Photo: Lea Michele and Dianna Agron Thank Faberry Voters for Helping Them Win E!'s Best Couple on February 14, 2012

Chances are, if you’ve seen the promo of February 21’s Glee Season 3, Episode 14: “On My Way,” you may have noticed one very important scene missing from the final cut last night.

Rachel (Lea Michele) in her wedding dress. Quinn (Dianna Agron) in her pink bridesmaids dress. The girls face off. Quinn asserts, “I’m not going to stand around and watch you ruin your life by marrying Finn!”

Based on the promos, it looked to possibly be one of the turning points of the episode. So where was that scene last night? Turns out the entire scene was scrapped on the editing room floor due to time concerns.

Based on how many awesome scenes Glee has to cut out for time, can we just petition the network to permanently extend each episode an extra five minutes? Please?

We know. Not going to happen. But we can dream. Plus, rumor has it that Glee plans to release the scene online. No sign of it yet, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything more!

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