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We love spending time with our families on Thanksgiving (don’t worry, Mom!), but you know who we’d really like to spend Thanksgiving with? The Glee characters, of course! What’s better than a meal with a little music on the side?

Of course, there’s no dining room that could this possibly hold this entire cast, so we sadly have to narrow down the guest list based on what can they each bring to the table (so to speak). Here are our top five choices for Glee’s best Thanksgiving companion. Bon appétit!

5. Brittany

We’d love to have both Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) over for the festive meal, since it’s hard to imagine one without the other. But we’ll go with Brittany, since she can use her crayons to draw a picture of a turkey from the outline of her hand and then tape it on the fridge door, which we’ll be opening and closing a lot as we cook. And then hopefully she’ll bring Lord Tubbington with her, who can clean up afterwards.

4. Rachel

Rachel (Lea Michele) ensures a spot on this list because she’d be so quick to entertain us with enough after-dinner songs to last until Black Friday. Sure, her cooking skills may be lacking, as we learned when she attempted to cook for Brody (Dean Geyer) in Episode 3: “Makeover.” (Keep the fire extinguisher handy!) But at least she’s sure to bring something healthy, given that she’s a vegetarian, right?

3. Blaine

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How can we not invite Blaine (Darren Criss)? The guy has been so sad lately that we just want to give him a holiday hug to let him know that we forgive him and everything is gonna be okay. (Then again, we’ll take any excuse we can to hug Blaine.) And the guy loves football, so he can explain the game to us in case any Thanksgiving pigskin happens to be on TV.

2. Sam

There can be a lot of downtime on Thanksgiving, so we might need someone to liven things up. And who better to liven things up than a walking impersonation machine? Plus, maybe Sam (Chord Overstreet) can bring some Dairy Queen to dinner from where he used to work, in case we get bored of pumpkin pie. And fine so maybe the real reason to invite Sam is that we’re hoping he’ll bust out an impromptu strip dance at a moment’s notice. But try to pretend that we’re not that shallow.

1. Kurt

Is there really any doubt as to who needs to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner? Kurt (Chris Colfer) is the ultimate Glee chef, so we’re thinking we could just sit back with a cranberry-flavored cocktail and let the man work his culinary magic. Plus, there’s a possibility that he would also bring us an apron that he made himself, which would be an added bonus.

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