Credit: FOX © Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Which Glee Characters Will Have a Sleepover on Valentine's Day?

Forget the Super Bowl episode on February 6 — what us Gleeks can't wait to see is the Valentine's Day eppy the following Tuesday!

We've already heard about some major spoilers, like that Blaine will confess his love for Kurt in front of a GAP store, but a new report reveals that Kurt might have a "sleepover." We're not yet sure with whom — it could be with Blaine, it could be with someone else. Mercedes, perhaps?

Elsewhere, it looks like the loving relationship between Quinn and Sam could hit a rough patch, while Artie and Brittany will have to deal with the return of Santana into Ms. Pierce's life. Will he fight for Brittany's love, or just give up when faced with the power of Santana?

"Silly Love Songs" will air on Tuesday, February 8.

Source: Examiner