Credit: Andrew Eccles/Oxygen Media © NBC Universal, Inc.

If you felt it was a tad unfair that four (!) contestants from The Glee Project Season 1 got to appear on Glee, while only one has so far appeared from Season 2, you’re in luck!

Glee creator Ryan Murphy was asked on Twitter on January 18 whether we’d be seeing any additional Glee Project cast members from either season on the mothership. Ryan responded:

So exciting! Now the only question is: Who will the lucky person be?

The first name to come to mind would be Ali Stroker, considering she was Blake Jenners (Ryder) runner-up in Season 2. We’ve always felt that Ali’s strong voice and snappy sense of humor would fit perfectly on Glee. Plus, remember how she’d written an entire scene about her character meeting Artie (Kevin McHale), and how the two fell in love? We’d love it if that could actually happen!

Of course, a definite fan favorite from Season 2 was Aylin Bayramoglu, the other runner-up. Not only does Aylin have a great voice, but her Muslim background could provide Glee’s writers with both a unique and powerful new storyline opportunity.

Credit: Andrew Eccles/Oxygen Media © NBC Universal, Inc.

That said, we don’t know for sure that the contestant will be from Season 2 — although there aren’t too many Season 1 standouts who haven’t already gotten a shot. Still, we keep holding out hope that cutie Cameron Mitchell will one day make his way back onto our TV sets someday. Sigh.

And then there are any number of other contestants whom we’d love to see get their moment on Glee, whether it’s Nellie VeitenheimerAbraham LimMichael Weisman, or Hannah McIalwain.

So which Glee Project alum are you most hoping will appear on the Valentine’s Day episode? Let us know!