Credit: Dianna Agron on Twitter

Choosing the Glee star with the best tresses is almost as difficult as choosing the one with the best voice. Almost.

So whose coif makes us swoon, and who needs to fire their hairdresser? Here are our picks for the five Glee stars with the best hair. May the best 'do win!

5. Marley (Melissa Benoist
Marley doesn't just blow us away with her voice — we love her locks, too. We just wish she didn't always hide them under those newsboy caps she loves so much!

4. Quinn (Dianna Agron)
Quinn's hair looked great in that updo back in her Cheerios days, but we're especially fans of seeing it this season when it's a bit longer. Attending Yale has agreed with her  and with her hair!

3. Rachel (Lea Michele)
It's pretty obvious that when you're the face of L'Oreal, you've got to have an impressive head of hair. W're loving everything about Rachel's newest makeover, and her hair definitely falls in that category.

2. Blaine (Darren Criss)
The lone male on this list, Blaine certainly deserves this high ranking. (Those curls!) He might not like the way his hair looks without product, but we think it looks great no matter what. Plus, if there's no product in it, we assume it would be that much easier for us to run our fingers through it. Just sayin'!

1. Santana (Naya Rivera)
Our pick for the hottest female character on the show is also our pick for the owner of the best hair. Down, up, under a hat  we like it however she does it!