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There are a number of singing shows on television these days — Glee, Smash, etc. — but we’re a little biased toward Nashville... because it’s the best one. But, although we admire the show for its proportionally higher-believability quotient, the attractiveness of its cast, and its overall betterness, that doesn’t mean the actors on the show don’t also love their prime time competition. In fact, one Nashville actress is a huge Glee super fan.

Credit: Twitter

So, who is secretly singing all the words to all the covers of all the songs the kids are listening to these days? That would be Chloe Bennet, the lovely little spitfire who plays Gunnar's (Sam Palladio) former flame, Hailey. Although we haven’t gotten to hear her sing on the show, she has plenty of musical chops of her own.

A little while back, Chloe tweeted, “For the past two hours my dad and I have been online shopping together while listening to every song ever made by the cast of glee. #love.” Wow. That sounds... wow. We’re no psychics, but we’re betting she gives the same treatment to the Nashville soundtrack. No word on whether IRL boyfriend Sam Palladio sings the male leads...

Source: Twitter