We hope you’re up (for it), Chris Colfer (Kurt), ‘cause somebody wants you to come over for a Kiki. After Kurt and Rachel (Lea Michele) and SJP worked and turned and locked the doors tight on Glee’s “Thanksgiving,” Chris got a little love on Twitter.

Ana Matronic, lead singer of the Scissor Sisters gave the fabulous Glee guy a shout out, saying @chriscolfer Omigod KIKI. You better work! And you better come to mine for an actual Kiki next time you're in NY. Xxoo!”

Um, hello!? We thought it was a pretty amazing performance and are thrilled that the originators of the brilliant song and dance thought so too. We know the dance and are happy to step in should Sarah Jessica and Lea be otherwise committed... Just sayin, Chris.

Source: Ana Matronic on Twitter

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