Have you heard the fabulous news? Glee's Chris Colfer (Kurt) is reportedly dating a pretty young thing named Will Sherrod, and these two are getting cuter by the minute!

Not only did Chris bring Will along to the 2013 Screen Actor's Guild Awards in January, these two were spotted at Elton’s John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on February 24! And with matching hair coifs no less. Sigh, they're totally meant to be! By which we mean meant to Glee. See what we did there?

Turns out Will works in the entertainment industry as a Post Production Coordinator, lives in Ventura, California, and is a self-described internet addict. In fact, Will runs his own pop culture blog "Chill With Will," where he reviews movies and chats about all things La La Land.

According to Will's brief biography, his favorite flicks include Jurassic ParkTaxi Driver and Chicago (chances are he was geeking out during the Academy Awards...), his favorite music includes Kanye West, Rihanna and Sir Mix-A-Lot (because DUH), and his favorite books include Lord of the Flies, The Giver, and Brave New World. Basically, he is our soul mate. 

"In my living room I have a tall bookcase with all my DVD's stacked two rows deep," Will writes on his blog. "One shelf is nothing but classic Disney animated films out front. But if you peek behind '101 Dalmations' and 'The Incredibles,' you'll find some of the grossest horror flicks committed to film. I think this is a great representation of my sense of humor."

Good to know, Will! Do you think this lovable nerd is the perfect match for Chris Colfer? They certainly seem to have a lot in common — like a passion for film and television! Hit the comments and tell us what you think of this Gleeky love-connection!

Source: Chill With Will