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Going into the Glee Project Season 2 finale, this year’s winner Blake Jenner knew he was up against some pretty tough competitors in Aylin Bayramoglu and Ali Stroker. In fact, given the uniqueness of both of Aylin and Ali’s stories, Blake says he wasn’t expecting to win at all.

“I saw one of [the girls] winning,” Blake recently told Entertainment Weekly. “I thought one of them had it for sure. They had such great storylines.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

In fact, Blake was so shocked by his win, that he literally jumped in the air when Ryan Murphy announced his name. “When they said, “and the winner is…” I was getting ready to turn to my left and hug one of them,” he says. “When he said my name, I was shocked! I literally feel like there was so much excitement, I almost levitated. I don’t remember jumping that high. It was the most amazing experience of my life.”

Blake says it’s been hard for him to keep his win to himself for the past four months, and now that he’s able to talk about this “unbelievable” opportunity, he feels “so thankful” and is “still so stoked.” Seriously, the guy is really “stoked” — he used the word multiple times!

His love of poetry — which viewers observed firsthand when Blake followed up his final song with an original poem, “I’m The Guy” — has been a part of him for quite some time. He started writing poems in “third [or] fourth grade,” and the poems allow him a chance to “vent” feelings that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with friends. (In other words, his poems sound a lot more mature than the ones that we have sometimes written about Nantucket.)

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Blake feels he is a lot more vulnerable than people realized, and so he shared the poem because he was aware that Ali and Aylin had more interesting stories than he did. However, Blake indeed has a sensitive side, revealing that he actually cried in the bathroom during the first week of the show. It was just before the initial bottom three was announced, and Blake buckled under the pressure, having dealt with so much rejection thus far in his career.

Looking forward to his role on Glee, Blake sees himself as playing a “Finn-type character” who other characters see as a leader and can confide in. He hopes that his character can have a sense of humor and depth, and is “not a douchey guy at all.” And that’s fine, since Rick the Stick seems to have the show’s douchey quotient covered.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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