Guys... we think Blake Jenner (Ryder) might be in danger. Or slowly dying of some mysterious disease. Or trying to spot the world’s tiniest bug which conveniently landed on top of his nose.

Either way, Blake was making quite the interesting face as he sat on board an airplane on his way back to Los Angeles from Miami. So what was the reason for the Glee’s stars quirky, cross-eyed look?

Simple: he was just really, really bored. Blake tweeted this photo of January 6, saying, “Boredom on the plane.

The Glee star is just finishing up a trip to visit his family for the holidays, and now he’s headed back to work on Season 4 in L.A. Time to shave all that new facial hair, buddy. You’ve got to be a high schooler again!

Source: Blake Jenner’s Twitter