Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: Lady Gaga Sings Her Heart Out on May 11, 2011

For two seasons, Glee has shown its love for Lady Gaga with multiple renditions of her hit songs. But would Lady Gaga ever want to appear on the show and perform with them? Absolutely.

"I would love to [appear],” she said. “We should just work it out…I know that they're doing some more music on the show soon — and they just did the amazing "Born This Way" episode. So I would love to. Glee's an amazing show. I really like what it stands for."

We’re sure Chris Colfer (Kurt) would faint if he heard that. Hopefully Ryan Murphy gives Gaga a call over the summer.

What do you think? Would YOU like to see Gaga on Glee?

Source: Perez Hilton

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