Credit: via ONTD Photo: Glee the Music: Volume 6 Album Cover

We loved Glee’s first two original songs. Loved. Which is funny, because we were initially dubious as to whether or not they’d be able to pull off the whole “original song” thing. Well, they did it. And they did it damn well.

Now another original song has been revealed: “Light Up the World,” which will be performed in the Glee Season 2 finale. When we first heard the track, thanks to Ryan Seacrest, words like “uplifting” and “dance anthem” immediately came to mind.

Is the new tune catchy? Yes. Is it infectious? Absolutely. Is it a little repetitive? Sort of. But hey — what Top 40 tune isn’t repetitive? We love the latest original; we’re just not sure if we love it as much as the first two. What do you think, Gleeks?

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Credit: Photo: First Listen! Glee Cast Sings "Light Up the World" in the Season 2 Finale