Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Lea Michele and Zac Efron at the New Year's Eve Premiere in Hollywood on December 5, 2011

Lea Michele (Rachel)’s got a fan in New Year's Eve co-star Zac Efron. So much so that he’s hoping to share acting credits with her on Glee, too!

Since he has some experience belting out pop songs in the halls of a high school, Zac was fielding the inevitable questions on the red carpet at the New Year's Eve premiere about a possible Glee appearance, and it’s not the first time he’s expressed a desire to make a pit stop in Lea’s Lima.

"I’m a huge fan of Glee and a huge fan of [Lea Michele's] work," Zac dished. "It looks so fun. I would love to [appear on the show.]"

But for those hoping for Zac and Lea to have the on-screen romance that should have been in NYE, we apologize for getting your hopes up: Zac says he sees himself playing less of a singing jock Finn-rival, and more of a sinister character on Ryan Murphy's show.

"Have they had a serial killer yet?" he quipped. "It’d be fun to sing about."

Umm, why don't you stick to dribbling basketballs while doing jazz squares and leave the serial killer show tunes for, say, a future relative of Sue’s?

If you need an immediate Zefron fix, though, check out New Year’s Eve, which is in theaters today.

Source: Access Hollywood

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