Ashley Fink

Date of birth: November 20, 1986
Hometown: Houston, TX
Currently residing in: Los Angeles, CA

Ashley Fink has been acting and performing since age 4, when she landed a starring part in a school play. (Not that we’re jealous of overachievers or anything — why would you possibly think that?!) She did theater productions through high school and then appeared in the film Fat Girls — which played at the Tribeca Film Festival, earning a cult following.

Ashley has been popping up all over the place ever since. She has been on such shows as Gilmore Girls, Make It Or Break It, and Huge (where she had a recurring role), and appeared in the 2010 Kristen Bell comedy You Again. She also played “Ashley the barista” on the show Warren the Ape — sounds like they spent a lot of time coming up with her character name for that one!

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