Emma Pillsbury

Emma Pillsbury is the guidance counselor at McKinley High School who has a deep fear of germs. This "mysophobia" stems from an unfortunate incident from her childhood: When she was little, her family visited a dairy farm and her brother pushed her into a runoff creek (a mixture of fecal matter, blood, and spoiled feed). (Note: Being pushed into a runoff creek can actually kill a person!) She cannot forget the smell or the experience. Along with her intense aversion to dirt and germs, she harbors a secret crush on Will Schuester. Still, she gets engaged to Ken Tanaka in a last-ditch bid to ward off loneliness. Fed up with Emma's persistent love for Will (the tip-off was her pushing their wedding time back so that she could escort glee club to Sectionals), Ken leaves her on their wedding day. The same day, Will drops the bomb on Emma that he's left his wife Terri, but instead of rushing into his arms, Emma quits her job at McKinley High. As she's leaving school with her things, Will runs after her and they finally share a very adorable kiss in the hallway.

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