Finn Hudson

Finn Hudson is the very popular quarterback of McKinley High's football team...at least until he joins glee club. He lives with his single mother, Carole Hudson (Finn's dad died during Desert Storm), and he discovered his love of singing through Darren, a lawn specialist who had a brief fling with his mom. Beyond glee club, he temporarily joins Mr. Schue's Acafellas to perform at a PTA meeting in Episode 1.3, "Acafellas." His two-timing girlfriend, Quinn, sleeps with is best friend, Puck, and gets pregnant. She convinces Finn that the baby's his — even though they've never had sex. (Finn's a smart one.) Once Finn learns the truth about Quinn's baby-daddy (thanks to Rachel, natch), he quits the glee club, but ends up pulling it together enough to help them clinch victory at Sectionals.

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