Noah 'Puck' Puckerman

Puck is an arrogant, mohawked football player and bully who ends up joining glee club. He has a weakness for "cougars" (picked up via his pool cleaning business) and temporarily joins Mr. Schue's Acafellas in Episode 1.3 — solely to entertain married women at the PTA meeting where they perform. He sleeps with — and impregnates — his best friend Finn Hudson's girlfriend, Quinn Fabray. Although Puck wants to step up and be the father, Quinn doesn't want to raise her baby with a Lima loser. When she does give him a chance, he won't stop "sexting" with Santana, proving to Quinn that he'll never give up his playah ways. He dates Rachel, a fellow Jew (his mother wants him to date a nice Jewish girl), in Episode 1.8, but she dumps him because he likes Quinn and she likes Finn.

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