Season 5 Episode 3 Cory Monteith Tribute

Glee's Cory Monteith (Finn) passed away suddenly on July 13 of a heroin and alcohol overdose, and the show is currently working on a Cory Monteith tribute episode to honor the star. Details about the tribute are still being finalized, but information is already starting to come out about what this Season 5 episode will entail.

When will it air? Fox president Kevin Reilly confirms that the Cory tribute will be Season 5, Episode 3. Based on Glee’s Season 5 premiere date of September 26, it stands to reason that this episode will air on Thursday, October 10, 2013.

Season 5 will start off with a two-part tribute episode to The Beatles. Next comes Cory’s tribute. After that, the show will take a break for postseason baseball coverage before immediately returning with up to seven episodes. After that, a new new legal drama called Rake will take over the show’s timeslot until Spring 2014. Only then will Fox air the second half of the season.

Will Finn Hudson die? YesGlee creator Ryan Murphy confirms that Cory’s character will pass away.

Cory died of a drug overdose. Will Finn’s death be handled the same way? As of right now, this is unclear. Fox president Kevin Reilly says that Finn’s death will “deal directly with drug abuse,” but he did not confirm whether or not Finn actually dies of an overdose. Though the show wants to bring awareness to the issues that led to Cory’s passing, Finn Hudson might not die of a drug overdose. But even if he doesn’t, drugs will still factor into the storyline in some way.

Will there be anti-drug PSAs? Yes. Glee creator Ryan Murphy, as well as a number of Glee actors, will all film drug-related PSAs to air alongside the episode.

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