Terri Schuester

Terri Schuester is married to her high school sweetheart, Will Schuester. A part-time employee at Sheets 'N' Things, she is fond of crafts. And Pottery Barn. In Episode 1.6, "Vitamin D," after Sue Sylvester convinces her that Will is having an affair with Emma Pillsbury, she becomes the McKinley High nurse (with no qualifications!) so she can spy on her husband. Principal Figgins fires her when he finds out she's been giving the glee club kids the over-the-counter stimulant pseudoephedrine, which she refers to as harmless "Vitamin D." Worse yet, Terri fakes a pregnancy to try to keep Will in their marriage, going so far as to hatch a scheme to "adopt" Quinn Fabray's baby, but Will eventually discovers her fake baby-bump padding and leaves her.

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