Spoiler Clip: Grant Gustin Kisses Jessica Lowndes in His New Movie, A Mother’s Nightmare (VIDEO)

Credit: The Insider

Actors often worry about getting typecast or pigeonholed in their roles, but that doesn't appear to be a problem for Grant Gustin (Sebastian). His Glee character may be an overconfident, self-involved ... well, jerk, but Grant's new character is anything but! The 22-year-old plays a high schooler named Chris Stewart in the upcoming Lifetime flick, A Mother's Nightmare. Chris is shy, sweet and sort of awkward: The polar opposite of Sebastian in every way. 

Now, we love us some Sebastain and all, but we've got to admit: Chris Stewarts is pretty much adorable. We'd even be excited about Chris getting the girl — if we didn't know already that the girl is going to turn out to be a psycho.

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