Will Schuester

Will is the Spanish teacher at William McKinley High School, his alma mater. As a student, he led Show Choir to Nationals in 1993, and at the time, it was cool to be in the club. He is now determined to return glee club to its former glory under the name "New Directions." He starts up an all-male acapella group with Ken Tanaka, Howard Bamboo, Henri St. Pierre, and Sandy Ryerson (temporary) called, "Acafellas," in Episode 1.3. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Terri Schuester, who has a Pottery Barn addiction and pretends to be pregnant (after a "hysterical pregnancy") in an attempt to keep Will in the marriage. He eventually discovers the truth and leaves Terri in Episode 1.12, "Once Upon a Mattress." At the same time, his interest in Emma Pillsbury, the school guidance counselor, grows.

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