Glee’s Darren Criss Kisses a Puppet — And His Girlfriend Approves?
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Glee’s Darren Criss Kisses a Puppet — And His Girlfriend Approves?

Have you ever wanted to be a mouse puppet? We hope that your answer would typically be no, since that’s a very strange thing to want to be. But after seeing what Glee star Darren Criss (Blaine) does to a mouse puppet in a new Fox promo video, you just might change your answer.

That’s right: In the video below, Darren can be seen putting the moves on a hand puppet and making it all seem very, very sexy. (That’s just Darren’s way.) So why did Darren make out with a mouse puppet? Uh, we’re still not sure. But it happens at 0:43 in a quirky new Fox promo video called “What the Fox Say?,” which is a takeoff on the recent viral video “The Fox” by Ylvis.

So was the make-out sesh good for Darren? Here’s what he tweeted about the experience:

And speaking of making out with Darren, the video was made by none other than Darren’s real-girlfriend, Mia Swier. Mia, who works for Fox Special Ops, tweeted this about the crazy video:

The video is definitely worth a look, and not just to see the world’s luckiest plastic rodent. There are all kinds of Glee clips mixed in with footage from other Fox shows, including Darren in a pink vest and Sue in her Nicki Minaj wig.

So will Darren be making out with a puppet at some point during a
Glee Season 5? Well, we don’t know why he would kiss a puppet when he can just share smooches with the very-kissable Kurt. But we’ll take as much footage of Darren kissing things as we can get.

Source: Darren Criss on Twitter, Mia Swier on Twitter

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