Glee’s Ryder Gets Catfished! “Katie\'s” Real Name is [Spoiler]!
Glee’s Ryder Gets Catfished! “Katie’s” Real Name is [Spoiler]!
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Glee’s Ryder Gets Catfished! “Katie’s” Real Name is [Spoiler]!


UPDATE: Sorry guys, we won't find out Katie's true identity until Glee's Season 4 finale, and it will probably involve a cliffhanger!

If you’ve ever seen MTV’s Catfish, you probably saw this one coming a mile away. Glee’s Ryder (Blake Jenner) has been falling in love with Katie, a pretty blonde he met online. But as soon as Katie refused to meet him in person, we knew there was trouble.

During tonight’s Season 4, Episode 18: "Shooting Star," our suspicions were confirmed. “Katie” is not who she says she is. The person that Ryder has been telling everything to these past few weeks isn’t who she (or he?) claims to be.

Ryder spotted his dream girl walking down the hallway. “Katie” had sent pictures of herself, so he knew what she looked like. Once Ryder realized that his dream girl went to McKinley, he rushed to track her down — then promptly serenaded her with a romantic rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song” in the McKinley choir room.

There was just one problem: The person he thought was Katie is actually a girl named Marissa. Marissa and Ryder haven’t chatted online at all. Instead, Ryder’s been pouring his heart out to some mysterious person who chose to use Marissa's picture instead of his or her own.

Glee’s Ryder Gets Catfished! “Katie’s” Real Name is [Spoiler]!
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Sadly, we didn’t find out “Katie’s” real identity by the end of the episode. We know her phone was in the choir room during the school shooting, but Ryder seems to have eliminated all of the New Directions as possible suspects.

Do you agree with Ryder’s assessment that none of the New Directions are Catfishing him, or do you think that one of them still might be the culprit? Plenty of people have speculated that Unique (Alex Newell) might be “Katie.”

Sure, Ryder eliminated her as an option because Unique’s ringtone is “Bootylicious.” But hasn’t anyone ever heard of having a special ringtone for certain people in your address book? (Like having theJaws theme play when your mother calls.) Who do you think is Catfishing Ryder? Head below with your theories!