Glee’s Season 5 Split In Half: Is It a Good Thing? (POLL)
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Glee’s Season 5 Split In Half: Is It a Good Thing? (POLL)

Usually, our response to whether we want to wait an extended period of time for new Glee episodes is always: “Hell to the no.” But might the just-announced break in the middle of Glee Season 5 be a good thing?

Fox has decided to wedge a sizable hiatus into the middle of the show’s next season, with the network’s president reasoning that
going “off the air for a batch of repeats” is “too much bookkeeping for the young audience.” Gotta love TV exec jargon, right?

So while we’re involuntarily grimacing at the mere thought of those long
Glee-free months in the middle of the season, it is true that the frequent starts and stops of a typical Glee season a new episode here, a couple of reruns there make for frustrating viewing.

And knowing that we’ll now get an extended stretch of new episodes isn’t a bad consolation prize, even if we have to wait a bit for it. Plus, we have that mysterious “creative twist” coming up in the middle of next season to look forward to — whatever that is.

But how do YOU feel about the news? Would you rather have the season dished out sparingly throughout the year, and do you sometimes even enjoy watching reruns? Or are you all about watching them all at once — even if it means seeing some of them in the summer? Let us know in the poll!

Love it. Only one break, then uninterrupted episodes!

Not a fan. It's such a long time to wait!

05.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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