Glee’s [Spoiler] a “Hot Mess” During the 100th Episode!
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Glee’s [Spoiler] a “Hot Mess” During the 100th Episode!

Glee's upcoming 100th episode is all about transitions, as the characters will all be sadly bidding farewell to the glee club. And it sounds like one of those characters won't be particularly stable throughout the episode.

Among the familiar faces returning for the episode is April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth), Schue's (Matthew Morrison) longtime pal who likes to sing, go roller skating, and throw back a drink or seven. And as K-Chen tells, not much has changed for April since we last saw her.

Glee’s [Spoiler] a “Hot Mess” During the 100th Episode!
Credit: Jenna Ushkowitz on Instagram    

"I’ve missed April Rhodes a lot," Kristin says about reprising the character after all this time. "She’s such a hot mess. You can’t help but love her."

So what is April's role in the episode? "She comes back to try to save the glee club, in her way," Kristin continues. "And of course, there are a few drinks along the way. She’s steady as a character — doesn’t change that much! And I had a great time with the kids on the show. I just loving being around talent." There's certainly plenty of talent among that cast!

April is always a hoot to watch, so we can't wait to see what kind of plan she concocts. Who know — maybe she'll devise an ingenious way to save glee club after all? Or... maybe not.

Are you looking forward to seeing April again? And do you think glee club is really shutting down for good?