First Look: Glee’s Starchild, Kurt and Blaine “Felt Up” — “Puppet Master” (VIDEO)
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First Look: Glee’s Starchild, Kurt and Blaine “Felt Up” — “Puppet Master” (VIDEO)

You’re invited to watch some of your very favorite guys get “felt up”! Oh, wait. That sounded wrong. During this Thanksgiving’s Glee Season 5, Episode 7: “Puppet Master,” the our favorite characters are all getting felt-ifed. That’s right: Prepare to meet muppet versions of pretty much the entire cast.

Glee has releases a special first-look YouTube video that teases what to expect on this kooky night of television. Right off the bat, we’re introduced to Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) puppet alter-ego. Hi has blue skin, blue eyes, and a penchant for bold patterns. Oh, and that perfectly-poufed coiff is unmistakable Kurt.

Up next, we meet puppet Blaine (Darren Criss), who has yellow skin, green eyes, wears a familiar argyle sweater... and sounds just like Darren Criss. Puppet Elliott “Starchild” (Adam Lambert) is actually not so pumped about his particular skin pigment.

“I mean... green? Green skin? Why do I have green skin?” Puppet Starchild laments. “I don’t understand.”

Our favorite part, however, comes at the end, when puppet Blaine finally comes face-to-face with his human counterpart. The entire video is campy and ridiculous and adorable. And with the right amount of tryptophan in your system after all that turkey, it just might end up being the most hilarious thing you watch on Thanksgiving.

Source: Glee on Fox on YouTube

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