Could Pretty Little Liars Go on After the “A” Reveal? Shay Mitchell Thinks So
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Pretty Little Liars

Could Pretty Little Liars Go on After the “A” Reveal? Shay Mitchell Thinks So

Thus far, Pretty Little Liars has been structured in a way that demands “A” identity be a secret. Even when Mona was revealed to be “A,” a new “A” immediately rose to take her place. (And we’re still not sure Uber “A” wasn’t somehow orchestrating this entire thing from the beginning.) But star Shay Mitchell (Emily) seems to think that Pretty Little Liars could continue on without this familiar dynamic of the Liars vs. the anonymous villain. Do you agree? Here’s what she had to tell on the subject.

“I think that A could be found and there could still be problems,” Shay said. “I still think we could dive in deeper into what led this person to do what they did and torment the girls in this way. And I would want to know the planning of how they did everything, so when you hit Hanna with that car, who was driving? How did you set that up? I think we need a whole season afterwards to explain how this was able to happen.”

We’re kind of digging this idea. Pretty Little Liars has stacked up a ton of IOUs when it comes to answers, and it may just take an entire season to explain just what the heck has been going on in Rosewood the past five or more seasons. The question is: would Pretty Little Liars be able to keep the narrative tension so vital to its structure thus far? Maybe, maybe not. It would be a huge shift that could result in a narrative failure. However, with at least two more seasons of Pretty Little Liars confirmed, maybe the show — and its many viewers — will be ready for a change.

Do you think PLL could survive after an “A” reveal that wasn’t immediately followed by the rise of a new “A”? Sound off in the comments below!

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