Demi Lovato Goes Back to Brunette — Bye Bye, Pink! (VIDEO)
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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Goes Back to Brunette — Bye Bye, Pink! (VIDEO)

Get ready, world: Demi Lovato is officially brunette again. After going from dark to blonde to blue to pink and everything in between, Demi’s finally returned to the shade we know her — and her hair — best.

On April 9, Demi hit the Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood to make the transfer, and posted the results to Twitter soon afterward. Demi’s new, more natural look makes her look older and the color is gorgeous on her!

“Gonna give my hair a break, my hair a break,” Demi tweeted, referencing her single, “Give Your Heart a Break,” alongside a photo with her long, dark locks and a red-lipped smile.

After Demi’s been crazy busy during her 44-date Neon Lights tour — and gracefully dealing with a nude selfie scandal — we’re glad to see she’s finally getting a break to chill out and treat herself. Is there anything that puts that extra pep in your step like a new cut and color?

Demi won’t be resting for long, though. Her tour picks back up in Brazil at the end of this month when the “Neon Lights” singer takes on South America.

What do you think — love Demi’s new hair color, or wish she’d stuck with pink?

Source: Twitter