Teresa Giudice Thinks Going to Jail Will Make Her “More Famous”? — Report
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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Thinks Going to Jail Will Make Her “More Famous”? — Report

We're all about looking for a silver lining to a tough situation. Still, we're not sure what to make of a report that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice thinks, if she were to serve jail time, she would become even more famous as a result. Uh, OK.

Teresa and husband Joe currently face a tough legal situation, having both pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges last week. The two are currently awaiting sentencing, with Joe likely to get jail time, while Teresa could just end up with probation.

However, In Touch shockingly reports that Teresa thinks going to jail could have its benefits. "Teresa thinks that if she goes to jail, it’ll only make her more famous," according to a source. "She thinks she’ll be redeemed — and then become even more popular and be able to make a fortune."

Say what?! We find this rumor very hard to believe, given that Teresa is a mother of four, and we can't imagine her wanting to be away from her daughters for any amount of time. Plus, does jail really make celebs more famous? Martha Stewart had a TV show before her stint in prison, and now, no TV show. Unless you're, say, 50 Cent, we don't think jail is really the best career move.

What's your take on this rumor about Teresa?

Source: In Touch