Golden Brooks and Paula Jai Parker Fight Over Paula\'s Husband!
Golden Brooks and Paula Jai Parker Fight Over Paula’s Husband!
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Golden Brooks and Paula Jai Parker Fight Over Paula’s Husband!


The drama is really heating up for the ladies of Hollywood Divas — especially if you’re stars Paula Jai Parker and Golden Brooks. On Wednesday night’s episode, “Bootygate”, we saw Paula defend her title as both director and wife as Golden demanded that Paula have a better handle on her directorial duties. Paula took the opportunity to tell Golden she wasn’t happy about the Girlfriends star being a little “flirtatious” with her husband, Forrest. But, guys, Golden wasn’t having it and made sure that Paula knew she didn’t want Paula’s man.

This is how it all started: As the ladies gathered for a celebratory outing, Golden used the time to tell Paula that she and the rest of the divas — Elise Neal, Lisa Wu, and Countess Vaughn — felt Paula wasn’t pulling her weight. That’s when Paula said, “I never check a chick about my man. I do not appreciate you calling my man. I do not appreciate the giggle giggle giggle in the background. I don’t appreciate you flirting with my man in the house of God. I don’t appreciate any of it.”

To this, Golden said that the idea of wanting Forrest was “laughable,” and when Paula went on to insinuate that Golden wanted her husband, Golden yelled, “First of all, I like men who work.”

After the episode, Golden hopped on Twitter to assure fans that the picture that Paula painted of her — including calling Golden a “whore” and “jezebel” — was all wrong.

“Don't judge me until you u read me. Open someone's book to their real parts before we judge their cover. #openminds,” Golden tweeted.

Elise also backed up the notion that neither Golden nor anyone else wanted Paula’s husband, and it was all in Paula’s mind.

“Bottom line is, we all are actors and we are all used to being able to email the writer of our project and ask questions. Because Paula has such control issues with Forrest, that’s just something she drummed up in her mind. We’re all trying to have a great work environment. We’re all trying to have fun with each other at work. Just because someone is laughing when someone speaks does not mean they want to sleep with him or her,” Elise wrote in her TV One blog.

Golden seemed pretty adamant that she wasn’t interested in Forrest, but could Paula be right? You be the judge!

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Source: Golden Brooks on Twitter, TV One