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The Golden Globes are known for featuring a fair share of drunken acceptance speeches (blame the gourmet dinner served with unlimited cocktails) and this year’s ceremony was no exception.

Hostesses with the mostess Amy Poehler and Tina Fey both totted around alcoholic beverages most of the evening while more than one audience member looked flushed sitting out in the crowd. (We’re looking at you, Tom Hanks.)

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One of the night’s biggest winners even admitted she was slightly sloshed while receiving her award. “Well, that crept up. I had a few vodkas under my belt,” the glamorous Cate Blanchett admitted to the audience as she accepted the Golden Globe for Best Actress.

“Unfortunately my category came up rather late in the evening so I was a couple of sheets to the wind,” Cate later told The Telegraph. “Once your name is read out it’s a high like no other so I can’t remember a lot. I hope I didn’t do too many things I’ll regret.” Asking if people at home can hear the orchestra play you off? Nah. You’re good, girl.

Honestly, we wish we handled our alcohol as well as Cate Blanchett appears to. Also, that we looked, talked, and acted like her, too.

SourceThe Telegraph

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