Is Selena Gomez Really the Good Girl She Claims to Be? Wetpaint Wonders!
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Selena Gomez

Is Selena Gomez Really the Good Girl She Claims to Be? Wetpaint Wonders!

Selena Gomez may be having something of an identity crisis.

Granted, the evolution from G-rated Disney actress to allowably-sexy adult pop star is not an easy one — especially with mixed messages from dozens of managers, agents, publicists, magazine editors, record execs, and studio heads — but some celebs have handled the transition more gracefully than others.

Selena Gomez, one example of such, seems to think that she's still squeaky-clean, as she's been talking up her clean, good-girl status recently… simultaneously appearing in revealing outfits, racy photo shoots, and that sexy music video for her suggestive hit "Come & Get It."

In a recent interview, she explained that she sees herself as the "girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night." A few weeks earlier, she told Connecticut concertgoers in October that fans and parents all trust her to make respectable choices, that she's told all the time that she's not "sexy enough," and that she doesn't have to do "any of that" to be adored.

And yet it looks like she's doing some of "that."

For example, just recently, she just luxuriated in bed, clad in lingerie, for a Flaunt photo shoot — and at the magazine's launch party, she showed off a ton of cleavage in a seriously low-cut dress.

We're certainly not bashing anyone for expressing their sexuality in any way they see fit. If it's safe and self-affirming, go for it, we say. If Rihanna wants to pose on 50 magazine covers with her hands over her boobs — and, by our unofficial approximation, she's up to 47 — hooray for her! If Miley Cyrus wants to back her junk up to Robin Thicke's business at the VMAs, do that thing! If Ryan Gosling wants to go full-frontal and full-backal in his next movie, be our guest! (That one is just wishful thinking.)

We're just saying, if you're gonna be sexy, own it. Pulling a Miley is not necessarily a bad thing. The world already has a role model for someone who shows massive talent without showing a lot of skin, and her name is Jennifer Lawrence. Selena can afford to be the girl "to take home for the night" every once in a while, right?

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11.8.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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