\'Good Morning America\' Changed the Set to Hide George Stephanopoulos\' Height
George Stephanopoulos
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George Stephanopoulos

‘Good Morning America’ Changed the Set to Hide George Stephanopoulos’ Height


It's the smallest cover-up of all time.

George Stephanopoulos, a member of the Good Morning America crew, has caused the show to change its set to help hide one little thing.

According to sources, his short height is enough of a problem to warrant an alteration.

An insider source told Page Six, "He’s 5-foot-6 and is dwarfed by human trees Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan."

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"GMA initially thought using an anchor desk with elevated chairs would help the problem. Still awkward, George’s little-boyish mini-legs were seen dangling.”

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A silver panel was recently added across the anchor desk at midlevel.

This would cover up where the journalist's feet rested which up to then had been “visible and awkward.”

George's height has been reported at 5-foot-7.

This makes him much smaller than his co-stars, Robin and Michael, who stand at 5-foot-10 and 6-foot-5 respectively.

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In the past, the TV personality laughed off claims of his height being a problem.

There was a report in 2010 that he had to be given a booster seat to be able to appear the same height as Roberts.

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"I would have been happy with phone books, but I’m glad they found a solution," George joked in response to the claim.

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George’s wife, actress and comedian Ali Wentworth, doesn't mind her hubby's short stature.

“He’s 5-foot-7. But 6-foot-7 in bed,” she said about him.