Credit: David Tonnessen/PCN Photo: Taylor Momsen Vamps it Up on October 26, 2010
2. The cops were tired of giving her warnings about indecent exposure.

1. It’s just time to go. All joking aside, T has clearly been unhappy for awhile now. Who knows if it’s the show or something else, but for reals, Tay, we think you’re mad talented. We’ll miss Jenny, but we don’t blame you if you’re itching to try something new. Once more for old time’s sake: Please let “something new” include pants.
Credit: Photo: Taylor Momsen Strolls Through Brooklyn on August 4, 2009
6. All the other girls in the cast were jealous of her long, lustrous hair extensions.

5. All the carriage horses in Central Park were mad she’d stolen their manes and glued them to her head.
Credit: Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images Photo: Taylor Momsen Poses With a Fan at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards

8. The fact that her music career actually seems to be going somewhere was making things awkward on set between her and her musical wannabe castmates like Leighton and Ed.

7. She’s having an eighth-life crisis. Next stop: Red ferrari and underage lover.


10. All her other little Warped Tour friends make fun of her for having a day job that didn’t involve screaming into a microphone.

9. It’s weird enough that Dan and Vanessa are always hanging out on the Columbia campus now. It would be even less plausible for a high schooler to turn up there.

Great Gossip Girl characters never die — they just fade away. That’s what seems to be happening to Jenny (Taylor Momsen), who’s being mostly phased out of the show. So why is our favorite waffle-loving teen sociopath abandoning us? We’ve got a theory or ten.

4. The producers were running out of reasons why none of the many, many people Little J had pissed off had pushed her off a bridge yet.

3. No one went for her suggested “Jenny sings about death in her underwear” season-long plot arc.