We've had a crush on lonely boy ever since he first wandered out of Brooklyn and into the mean streets of Manhattan, and we're not alone. In the space of five short seasons, Vanessa, Serena , Georgina, and Hilary Duff have had the hots for Dan Humphrey, and his latest fan-girl is none other than Blair Waldorf!

These two are officially friends with bennies, but rumor has it that Blair will finally make a decision between Chuck and Dan during the Season 5 finale. No disrespect to Chuck and Blair’s long romantic history, but here are 5 reasons we think Humphrey could be the right guy for her!

1. Muppet Hair


Have you seen the delicate waves of beauty commonly referred to as Dan's "hair"? If Blair chooses the President Of The Lonely Hearts Club as her boyfriend, she'll be in for an eternity of running her hands through Dan's silken locks and staring in wonder as it bounces around while he makes waffles. Take that, Chuck's tamed coif! 

2. He's a Misunderstood Literary Genius

Uhm, you guys. Stop everything because it's time to talk about Inside, otherwise known as The Greatest Novel Of Our Time. Who wrote this American masterpiece? Oh, just Dan Humphrey, a misunderstood genius who meanders the streets of Dumbo wearing plaid and staving off hoards of New Yorker-reading fan girls. How can Blair possibly turn down the opportunity to date someone who wants to spend all day lying in bed arguing about art? Answer: She can't.

3. He's a Good Person...

Credit: The CW ©2008 The CW Network

Kinda. Despite a few plots and schemes here and there, Dan has managed to rise above the Upper East Side's drama and take the high road to hipsterville. Sure, he tried to sabotage Blair's wedding to Louis, but c'mon. Child's play. Dan and Blair balance each other out — she's a professional plotter and he's a die-hard do-gooder with a hero complex. Ultimately, he brings out the best in her, and she brings out his inner sex-lion. Rawr. Really, it's a win-win.

4. They're Biffles

Dan and Blair have developed a real friendship — the kind that Chuck and Blair never had, and the kind that Blair and Serena wish they had. These two see movies together, talk about their feelings, and lord knows they braid each others hair when the cameras are turned off. In other words, they're besties! Everyone knows the most successful relationships develop from friendships, and it's definitely time for Dan and Blair to dare to Dair.

5. She Ran Away With Him — Not Chuck

No offense, Chuck (stop crying, just stop!), but who did Blair run away with during her wedding  festivities? The one and only Humphrey Dumpty. What does that tell you about who she feels safe and secure with? When Blair was at her most vulnerable, she jumped straight into Dan's arms and he was ready and waiting. If that doesn't spell true love, what does? And no Dan, we're not asking you to write a poem. It's a turn of phrase, sigh.