As with any good Gossip Girl season finale, Monday's ep, “The Return of the Ring,” left us DYING to know more about what's to come as our fave UESers head into their sixth (and final!) season. It's down to the wire, and a whole lot of balls are in the air. Bottom line? There'll be big beats for everyone!

Here are the TOP five story lines that WE are most eagerly anticipating come September! Add your own in the comments.

Are Lily & Rufus REALLY over?

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW ©2010 The CW Network

Listen, we know that Lily van der Woodsen doesn't always follow the course that WE might think best for her (okay, or, like, EVER), but seriously? Bart Bass over Rufus Humphrey? Justlikethat?! Can't at least ONE Humphrey win in this game? Geez. We have a feeling that these two ne'er-do-wells may very well deserve each other, but in the end... it feels like a reunion with Ruf is imminent. Maybe after Ivy takes Lily down and she's left with nothing? 

WHO was "Gossip Girl" in the video Nate received?

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network

Nate was totally taken with this little clue into the mystery of Gossip Girl, but all WE saw was somebody in a black hoodie! Female? Male? Young? Old? Yeahhh, not much to go on. But Nate Archibald was a heck of a detective this season ('member when his cousin tried to kill him?), and uncovering the truth behind the UES's biggest mystery would be one major scoop for The Spectator. Get’er, Nater! (And P.S. Why was GG so dead-set on running S out of town? Work on that one too, wouldya?)

What’s Ivy's plan to take down Lily?!

Somebody has to finally put this woman in her place! We've been mixed on Ivy since day one (when she was actually "Charlie," ahem!), but with Lola's blessing on the matter, we're thinking Ivy might win over a few fans. The question is, what all will she use to best the well-connected socialite (who, let's face it, now has Bart Bass' millions at her disposal...)

What will Dan unearth about the UES via Georgina?

Credit: David Giesbrecht/©2012 The CW Network, LLC.

We, like, half wanna know this, and half wanna bury it in the abyss! Wasn't Inside the ultimate tell-all of the Upper East Side? Is it SUPER necessary for Dan Humphrey to re-bury all of his friends? Sigh. Revenge makes people hella unpredictable, and you just know Georgina Sparks will be game for anything. Sex, drugs, sabotage (watch out, Chair!)... You know it's comin'!


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What does the rest of it matter if we can't find out the fate of CHAIR? Lonely Boy is outta the way and so is that AWFUL prince, so now there's just that little matter of Chuck's self-esteem — following Bart’s brutal bashing of his son — to overcome. If anybody is up for the challenge, it's Blair Waldorf. Chuck and Blair are forever... Right?

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