For all the gorgeous photos we've seen of Blair and Serena swanning around Paris, we've seen surprisingly little in the way of spoilers. But finally, here's some evidence that the Paris eps will, in fact, have a plot: The last batch of photos show Blair and Serena having a heated discussion — so heated, in fact, that B decides to cool her bestie off by shoving her in a fountain. (Or, at least a woman who looks like her bestie. Blake is definitely in the earlier photos from this scene, but this doesn't look like her falling in the fountain. A stuntwoman, perhaps?)

Easy, les filles! Remember, you're representing your country. Do you want those snooty Europeans to think this is how Upper East Side socialites conduct themselves?

...Okay, that would not be inaccurate. Carry on with fountain-shoving!

Source: Spoiler TV