Is Blake Lively Pregnant? Rumors Fly on Set of Gossip Girl

Rumors on set have been flying that Blake could be pregnant with her first child. ZOMG!

Blake Lively's Ring Worth Up to $2 Million — Cha-Bling!

A rock this big should have superpowers, beyond attracting hot husbands. Shield your eyes!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Wedding: The Dessert Menu

The typically health-conscious couple went all out for their big day. See their dessert spread!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds File Official Marriage Paperwork — Revealing Their Real Names!

Turns out Blake Lively and her mega-hottie husband Ryan Reynolds have been keeping more than their nuptials a secret. What are their real names?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Were Destined to Marry Each Other, Says Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

We’re still giddy about the fairy tale romance-turned-surprise-wedding between these two — turns out that even the experts agree that this is a match made in celebrity heaven. Read more!

Blake Lively’s Rep Calls Pregnancy Reports “Completely Untrue”

Lo and behold, Blake’s rep has stepped in to shut down the rumors about Blake busting at the seams of motherhood. More details here.

Whose Engagement Ring Is Worth More: Miley Cyrus’s or Blake Lively’s?

It’s time for a bling-off — that’s right, the battle of the diamond engagement rings! Let the the showdown begin!

Spotted: Blake Lively Returns to Gossip Girl Set — Did She Wear Her Wedding Ring?

Blake returned to New York City on Monday, September 17th to start work on Gossip Girl's sixth and final season. Find out if she wore her ring.

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