Gossip Girl fans know that Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) got more than her fair share of makeout buddies on the show during the six years it was on the air. Whether she was locking lips with Chace Crawford (Nate), having awkward seshes with IRL ex Penn Badgley (Dan), or hitting it with total randos, homegirl got around.

But since September 2012, Blake has been making women and men super jelly with her super-low-key marriage to perfect man specimen Ryan Reynolds. But she hasn’t always been blinding photographers and sun-lovers with her perfect relationship radiance. Before Ryan, there was Penn, Leo, and... who else?

Credit: Getty Images Photo: Robyn, Elaine, and Blake Lively in 2009

Well, if you read that super juicy headline (intentional, you’re welcome, thanks for clicking), you might think that one teen soap superstar (Blake) hooked it hardcore with another teen soap superstar (Jason Priestley).

Sorry, y’all, not true. According to Huffington Post, their romantic connection is only one step away from that, though. Back in 1991, 90210 superstar Jason was romantically involved with Blake’s older half-sister, Robyn, the actress behind Teen Witch. To think, Jason and Blake could have been sibs if things had turned out differently! Now that would have been a magical soap story for the ages...

Source: Huffington Post