Credit: Instagram

Soooo we were just wondering something (and by “just,” we mean on a daily basis). When are Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) and Ryan Reynolds going to pop out some progeny? Because as far as we know, Blake doesn’t have a lot going on right now and she did say that she wants to have tons of kids with Ryan. Is now the time?

Blake was spotted out in New York recently doing something that might indicate a change is coming soon for her family. For those of you already going out to buy Tiffany & Co silver rattles (we see you, Karl Lagerfeld), you might need to hold off a little longer.

According to Haute Living, Blake was spotted checking out the Walker Tower, a 1929 Art Deco condo complex located at 212 West 18th Street in Chelsea. And she’s not the only one looking at property in the building — Cameron Diaz, Ryan Seacrest, and some other hot A-listers have also been checking out the units, which start at around seven million dollars.  

So, while it seems like we’re a little ways off from needing to brainstorm baby shower games, we do have to wonder if there’s another reason the hottest couple in Hollywood is looking for a bigger pad...

Source: Haute Living