Credit: Instagram

It’s a shame, really. Ever since Gossip Girl star Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) married Ryan Reynolds, the two have been laying super low. They were spotted deep in the woods last month at Blake’s Sisterhood co-star Amber Tamblyn’s wedding, but had been pretty much M.I.A. until they turned up at Disneyland this week.

According to a Celebuzz source, the two made a day of it at The Happiest Place on Earth on Monday, November 12. They were led around on a VIP tour, and “Ryan definitely didn’t want anyone to recognize him. He had a black cap on and his brim down really low,” the source said.

But despite his best efforts, it was Blake who was able to remain incognito. “Blake was waiting patiently for him. Funny enough, no one even noticed her.” What?

Look, we know Ryan is the second hottest Ryan in the world pretty much the best thing ever to happen to our eyes, but it seems ludicrous that Blake wouldn’t attract a little attention...

Source: Celebuzz

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