Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) is famous for three things: being an amazing actress, making out with Gossip Girl (read: Penn Badgley), and flaunting her drop-dead gorgeous locks of love.

Blake's hair is a waterfall of golden gorgeousness, and we're dying to know how she gets that signature wave! Well, guys, it couldn't be easier. And step aside, curling irons. You have no place reading this article.

"I'm actually a pretty shy person by nature, so it's very much a safety net for me. So I like to have my hair down and I love to have it full," Blake tells Refinery29. "If I have my hair down, there's something romantic about it I feel like it looks lived in. I feel like it has a story. It feels much more effortless with the rest of the look.

So, how does Blake style herself pretty? "When I wash and dry my hair I have naturally wavy hair," she explains. "So I'll take it when it's still a little bit wet, and then I'll put it just in a ballerina bun, and then when I take it out it has a really nice, natural deep wave. It's a good trick!"

Buh-bye while we spritz and bun our hair.

Source: Refinery29