Despite playing the, ahem, free-spirited Serena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively isn’t a fan of the show’s more risque scenes.

The starlet told Britain’s Mizz magazine in early 2011 that she actually kinda hates them... but not because they involve occasional canoodling with her ex, Penn Badgley (Dan).

“It's the most awkward thing! There's a room of 40 people watching you, and they're telling you how to move your head — and it's totally silent. It's awful.”

Meanwhile, Lively reveals that her own romantic history is pretty limited. She says she’s only made out with three people, “aside from kisses for TV and the movies. I'm weird! I hope Brad Pitt doesn't read this — he's never going to want to marry me.” Oh, Blake. You never know...

Source: Monsters & Critics

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