Things may have gone pretty badly for Ms. van der Woodsen as the Season 5 finale of Gossip Girl came to a close on Monday night (No best friend? Check! No bf/step-bro? Check! Incoming drug problem and questionable make-out partner? CHECK.) BUT, if there’s one thing that Serena will always have going for her, it’s her unerring STYLE.

And that goes double for her real-life counterpart Blake Lively! (Who, thankfully, in every other way, couldn’t be more different than S...) Blake was just recognized by the one, the only Victoria’s Secret in their “What Is Sexy?” list for 2012. Unveiled via this video starring VS Angels like Lindsay Ellington and Erin Heatherton, Blake was crowned “Sexiest Summer Style.”

How very fitting! And timely!

Blake’s never been one to shy away from the bold prints and bright colors of summer attire – not to mention that ne’er-ending collection of Loubs that match everything (we’re not jealous! pinky swear!) — and the honor totally suits her!

We gotta ask though, how did Stacy Keibler best her in the legs department? We may have to demand a recount...

Source: Grazia Daily

Credit: YouTube Photo: Which Starlets Are These Victoria's Secret Models Crushing on This Year? (VIDEO)

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