With the final season of Gossip Girl just a couple short months away, speculation on what may happen to the series beloved characters is all we can think about. We’re not the only ones — Access Hollywood talked to Blake Lively (Serena) on the red carpet for the premiere of her new film Savages to ask who Serena should end up with when the show returns to the air.

Blake weighs in, “She’d be good to be single for a while.” Well, naturally — but Serena’s not the kind of girl who only does what’s good for her, now is she?

Even though her stint as Serena is ending (sob!), Blake admits that she could have stuck with the series, despite the demands of her film career. She says of her commitment to Gossip Girl, “In every break I’ve had, [I’ve tried to fit in] doing a film… I love doing that and I’ll do it for as long as it makes me happy.”

Um, CW, an we put in a bid for just a few more episodes? Looks like Blake’s on board!

Source: Access Hollywood

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