Fashion Cat Fight!

Credit: PPNY/GSNY/ News Photo: Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker Wear Christian Louboutin’s Lion Paw Pumps

Those $5k Loubs aren’t going anywhere!

We first spotted Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Louboutin’s Alex Paw Pumps at premiere of her film, I Don’t Know How She Does It, in Moscow on August 29, 2011. As you know, we were on the fence about that animalistic Red Riding Hood thing she had going on.

Yes, we got the memo about animal prints being totally on-trend this season. But our style-savvy — and our pocketbooks — just couldn’t get behind these things.

But then — lo and behold! — we saw Blake Lively (Serena) sporting the very same Loubs (she and Christian are besties, after all) on the set of Gossip Girl on November 9, 2011... and we kind of liked the way they looked. When you’re working such a bold piece, it’s best to keep it kind of unexpected. It’s like, “Oh, you think I’m boring in my beige cardi and brown skinny pants? What about NOW?”  

We aren’t going to run out and drop that much money (we could eat for months!) — but the way B wore these shoes makes us want to give them another shot.

Whose look do you prefer, Upper East Siders? Or do you still want the shoe to go extinct?

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