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Blake Lively (Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen) is the prettiest girl in the world. There, we said it. She is tall and willowy, with the most perfect shapely legs ever to strap on a pair of Loubies. It goes without saying that pretty much any time she does her hair, she will set a trend — even if you’re sitting at home all “Fishtail?! I’ve been wearing that since I gained the necessary dexterity in fourth grade!” Well, guess what, she wore it on the red carpet — so now it is fashion law.

But she hasn’t always had such elegance and grace. While she’s never confirmed that she’s had any work done, there is a HUGE difference between what she looks like now, and what she looked like before Serena van der Woodsen (or even Bridget Vreeland) was a household name. Take a look:

Credit: Splash News

Wow. Hard to believe this is even the same girl! She’s always been cute, but with her janky teeth and questionable fashions, it’s a wonder she became the flawless muse of fashion designers around the world. If only we had grown out of our awkward phase so well...